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Hector Berlioz, Grande Messe des morts Op.5 (Requiem)

The Grande messe des morts (or Requiem), Op.5 was composed by Berlioz in 1837. He revised the work two years before his death in 1867. It is one of Berlioz's best-known works, with a tremendous orchestration gathering a large set of timpanis, woodwind, brass instruments, including four antiphonal offstage brass ensembles, and a massive choir. This live performance pays a tribute to the genius of Hector Berlioz on the exact day of the 150thanniversary of the composer’s death (8 March 1869 – 8 March 2019).

Director :
Sébastien Glas

Camera :
Julien Jaunet

Sound :
Sound producer : Daniel Zalay
Recording and mixing Michael Ware

Producer :
Co-produced by Idéale Audience and Mezzo

With the generous support of Ascanio’s Purse
With the participation of, NRK, Erato / Warner Classics
In association with Wright Music Management

and the support of CNC (Centre national de la cinématographie et de l'image animée)






Running time :

Format :

Year of production :

Distributor(s) / Sales Agent(s) :
World sales : Naxos

Composer(s) :
Hector Berlioz

Work(s) :
The work derives its text from the traditional Latin Requiem Mass divided as follows:

Grande messe des morts (or Requiem), Op.5
1. Requiem aeternam & Kyrie
2. Dies irae: Prosa, Tuba mirum
3. Quid sum miser
4. Rex tremendae
5. Quaerens me
6. Lacrimosa
7. Domine Jesu Christe
8. Hostias
9. Sanctus
10. Agnus Dei

Cast :
John Nelson : conductor
Michael Spyres : tenor
Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus
London Philharmonic Choir


Date and shoot location :
Live recording at St. Paul's Cathedral, London
on March 8th, 2019