Idéale audience

Astor Piazzolla, the Years of the Shark

Astor Piazzolla, Tango Nuevo, will be a visual, evocative journey to the core of Astor Piazzolla's life, the man who changed tango forever with his New Tango.
Unpublished visual and audio personal archive material and poetic images are combined to weave the Piazzoollan universe, an unparalleled artist who breaks with tradition and navigates unchartered warters. His name is a byword for tango, rebellious and controversy, for darkness and light.

Scriptwriter :
Daniel Rosenfeld

Director :
Daniel Rosenfeld

Producer :
Produit par Françoise Gazio et Pierre-Olivier Bardet.
Une coproduction Idéale Audience (Paris) & Argentinacine (Buenos Aires), Arte France, Avrotos et Ina.
Avec la participation de SVT, YLE, ERR, SRF

Running time :
52' et 75'

Format :

Year of production :

Date and shoot location :