Idéale audience

The Louvre Museum visitors

On the occasion of the shooting of Francofonia in Louvre Museum, Gérald Caillat captured unforgettable moments with Alexandre Sokourov, working with his comedians among the treasures of this famous museum.

Scriptwriter :
Gérald Caillat

Director :
Gérald Caillat

Camera :
Gérald Caillat

Sound :
François Waledisch
André Rigaut

Producer :
Produced by Pierre-Olivier Bardet. Thomas Kufus, Els Vandevorst
A production by  Idéale Audience, Zero one Film, N279 Entertainement
In coproduction with the Louvre Museum and Arte France Cinéma



Running time :

Format :

Year of production :

Festivals / Awards :
Selected in competition at FIFA 2016 in Montréal.

Photo credits :
© Jaap Vrenegoor