Idéale audience

Mrs Fang

Fang Xiuying was a farm worker born in Huzhou, Fujian in 1948. For the last eight years of her life she suffered from Alzheimer’s. By 2015 the symptoms were quite advanced. Treatment in a convalescent home was ineffective, so in June 2016 it was discontinued and she returned home. We filmed some scenes of her everyday life in 2015, then returned in June 2016 and filmed the last ten days of her life. The film shows the feelings of a person nearing death, and the reality of her relatives’ and neighbours’ attitudes towards a person about to leave this life.

Scriptwriter :
Wang Bing

Director :
Wang Bing

Camera :
Wang Bing, Xiaohui Shan, Ding Bihan

Sound :
Wang Bing
Xiaohui Shan
Ding Bihan
Emmanuel Soland

Producer :
A production Idéale Audience et Wil productions
produced by Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Long Lihong, Wang Bing

In coproduction with Documenta 14

In association with ARTE France - La Lucarne


Running time :

Format :

Year of production :

Distributor(s) / Sales Agent(s) :
Chinese Shadows - Hong Kong


Date and shoot location :

Festivals / Awards :
 selected to participate in the 70th  Locarno Festival (August 2-12, 2017) in the Concorso internazionale (International Competition) and in the Toronto International Film Festival 2017.