Idéale audience


The everyday life of The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, a small human rights organization based in Tel Aviv. Hotline gets to the heart of this association in order to discover its work and the reality revealed through it; in order to observe the people, often volunteers, who .perform this work; to try to understand how an NGO functions and survives in the democratic arena.

Scriptwriter :
Silvina Landsmann

Director :
Silvina Landsmann

Camera :
Silvina Landsmann

Sound :
Guy Barkay
Yoss Apelbaum

Producer :
A coproduction with Idéale audience & Comino films

With the support of Cinema project-Rabonovich Foundation for the Arts.

Producers : Pierre-Oliiver Bardet and Silvina Landsmann

Running time :

Year of production :

Distributor(s) / Sales Agent(s) :
International Sales :
37/8 Issar Natanzon st.
Jerusalem 97787 Israel.

Date and shoot location :

Festivals / Awards :
Selected at Berlinale Feb 7th, 2015, Berlin