Idéale audience

CinéKino - A Franco-German History of Cinema

CineKino traces over one century of relations between French and German cinema, what brought them together from the very beginning and what separated them, what they have shared and what they have taught one another. A succession of technical and historical facts for cinema lovers, which, with the help of archives, interviews and remembered places, recounts a love story between two types of cinematography that still have a lot to learn about one another.

Scriptwriter :
Jean Ollé-Laprune
Rainer Rother
Matthias Luthardt
Laurent Heynemann

Director :
Laurent Heynemann
Matthias Luthardt

Producer :
A coproduction Idéale Audience / Zero One Film / ARTE GEIE

Produced by Hélène Le Coeur - Idéale Audience.



Running time :
2x52’ pilots for a documentary series

Format :

Year of production :