Idéale audience

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at Paris National Opera

Bela Bartok, Quartet n°4, Beethoven, the Große Fuge, Schönberg, Transfigured Night, this triptych which presents Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker to the Opera of Paris, spans ten years of creation (from 1986 to 1995) and bears witness to her remarkable dialogues with the great scores of classical music. De Keersmaeker adresses music using all the nuances of passion : need, defiance, one-upmanship. Sharing the same musical intensity, these three ballets form a poetic and mysterious ensemble that will be entering the Paris Opera Ballet’s repertoire this saison.

Director :
Louise Narboni

Producer :
Produced by Françoise Gazio and Laurent Métivier

Coproduction : Idéale Audience, Arte France, Opéra de Paris
With the participation of Mezzo and ERR





Running time :

Format :

Year of production :

Distributor(s) / Sales Agent(s) :
Distribution : Telmondis

Cast :
Béla Bartók  - String Quartet n°4
with Sae Eun Park, Juliette Hilaire, Charlotte Ranson, Laura Bachman (Paris national Opera Ballet)

Ludwig van Beethoven La Grande Fugue op.133
Alice Renavand, Stéphane Bullion, Karl Paquette (Etoiles)
Vincent Chaillet, Florian Magnenet (Premiers Danseurs)
et Nicolas Paul, Adrien Couvez, Alexandre Gasse (Paris national Opera Ballet)

Arnold Schönberg - Verkläte Nacht / La nuit transfigurée op. 4 / version for string orchestra
with Émilie Cozette, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Stéphane Bullion, Karl Paquette (Etoiles)
Florian Magnenet (Premier Danseur) et Léonore Baulac, Séverine Westermann, Letizia Galloni, Émilie Hasboun, Alice Catonnet, Katherine Higgins, Nicolas Paul, Alexandre Gasse, Takeru Coste (Paris national Opera Ballet)

Paris national Opera Orchestra
Conductor: Philippe Jordan
Musical director : Vello Pähn

Date and shoot location :
Paris national Opera - Garnier
from 21 to 30 October 2015

Photo credits :
Agathe Poupeney ONP