Idéale audience

Idéale Audience is an audiovisual production company specialized in documentary and music films founded by Pierre-Olivier Bardet and Hélène Le Coeur in 1990. Since its establishment, it has built a reputation for distinctive, world-class productions. Idéale Audience takes an active part in most of the cultural fields, especially when it comes to performing arts (music and dance) which now represent more than fifty percent of its business. 

Idéale Audience has always promoted an author policy (following directors like Bruno Monsaingeon, Johan van der Keuken, Frederick Wiseman, Alexandre Sokurov, Gérald Caillat, Anna-Célia Kendall, Andy Sommer, Don Kent, Philippe Béziat, Olivier Simonnet, Benoît Jacquot…) and an international approach, backed by a strong marketing policy conducted in more than forty countries.

Ideale Audience collaborates with major TV channels in the world (France Televisions, ARTE, BBC, ARD, ZDF, NHK, WNET, etc.) and with long-established distributors (EuroArts, Showgate, Celluloid Dreams, Doc & Films…). Its films are regularly selected in major international film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Toronto...) or television festivals (Golden Prague, FIPA, FIFA, IDFA...) where they are often awarded or nominated (International Emmy Award, Prix Italia, Golden Prague, Fipa gold, Caesars, Bafta...). 

High artistic standards, concerns to preserve a cultural heritage and an international approach are the key elements on which the three producers of Idéale Audience, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Hélène Le Coeur and Françoise Gazio, continue to build a distinctive editorial profile.



Pierre-Olivier Bardet 

Hélène Le Cœur 

Pierre-Martin Juban 

Junior Producer
Léa Bardet 

Executive Producer
Claire Lion 

Production Manager
Lillanna Champenois 

Production Assistant


Chief Financial Officer
Myriam Amroun

Communication & Festivals
Nathalie Muller